Monday, December 28, 2009

A Moo Cow Around and Around

In order to celebrate the lack of sleep that comes with the 8th month of pregnancy, here is a little snippet of some nonsense Weston was talking about a couple of weeks ago. I've been up since 3 a.m., so why not blog a little before the sun rises, right?

Keep in mind, that I caught him on the tail end of this little rant about a "moo cow going around and around", so he was starting to lose the gusto with which he began. It was hilarious.

(Sorry it is sideways-I didn't know you couldn't video the other way!)

Christmas pics to come...minus the ones of me hugging the toilet Christmas Eve (due to a stomach virus, NOT excessive yuletide partying)

Wednesday, December 23, 2009


This time last year Weston was not even 9 months old, so he didn't participate much in Christmas activities and we took advantage by only getting him a few small things in his stocking. This year, however, he is a "big" boy and we've tried to some festive things.

Now we are not anti-Santa around here, but we're not making a big deal about him either. So when I got the advertisement for the member's holiday morning at the Magic House, my thoughts were 1. free treats and 2. getting to go to the Magic House before naptime. Yes, there was a story time with Santa, but Weston and I had our eyes on some doughnuts and about an hour of play time.

Oh friends, here is where we got it all wrong. It was not about pastries and was all about Santa. We get there and everyone was dressed to the nines for pictures with Santa and there were LOTS of people. Tights, patent leather, sparkles, glitter, sweater vests. I looked at Weston, glad that he was clueless and couldn't be embarrassed about his little blue t-shirt and leftover oatmeal crusties on his face. And luckily, once we got playing we found some other kids dressed the same as us.

We decided to go to the storytime after we ate and played anyway. Packed in a small room with 100 + people, Weston was now down to his undershirt after his water table experience. That left me 8 months pregnant, holding 2 coats, a bag, a wet t-shirt and trying to keep tabs on a toddler. The same lady brought me Weston's coat twice after I dropped it. After Santa came in, they announced, "Have a seat, it will be quite a wait to see Santa!" To which I replied to Weston, "Say bye-bye Santa!"

And off we went, leaving the Santa chaos to the professionals.

Saturday, December 19, 2009


We got Weston a "Little People" nativity set this year for Christmas and gave it to him early (obviously) so he could enjoy it and we could to talk about the Christmas story. I know he's young, but it's never too early, right? He does have a little confusion about Jesus (who I mentioned earlier he calls "Dedad"). For example, after talking about the Baby Jesus, he pointed to MY belly the next day and said "Dedad". Not quite...if only I had that kind of favor with the Lord :)

Two days ago, we busted out the nativity and I got his Jesus Storybook Bible out thinking I would read him the story and play the little characters in the manger. Yeah right, that lasted about 5 seconds. He loves to flip back to the story of Noah's Ark and look at all the animals and say, "Where'd the hippo go?" However, my heart melted, when he happened to flip to the page with Jesus on the cross. He stared at it a few moments and then said, "Oh shad (sad)!" Not ready with a great reply I mustered, "Yes, he was sad, but he was also very happy to die for us." I love this kid.

Monday, December 14, 2009

Thanksgiving Weekend

Things are movin' and shakin' around here...literally. Kurt and I just moved down to the basement which did not prove to be a simple task. Let's just say a set of box springs may or may not have been beaten to death this past weekend.

The house is slightly chaotic and it is very different living in the basement. I have shed some tears and fallen into discouragement, so it is good to post these pictures from THANKSGIVING and CHRISTMAS. Two things that I have not been in the last couple of days are thankful and focused on the Lord Jesus. So, here's to reigning in emotions and bringing it back to the IMPORTANT things in life...

Unfortunately, we forgot our camera at the Doolittle Thanksgiving and Bethel Thanksmus, but here's one from Thanksgiving at Kurt's mom's house with his sister's family...

At my parents house, my favorite highlight was Jesse (my brother's 1 year old son) trying to mount Weston's back and Weston, in confusion, repeating "big hug, big hug, big hug."

We also cut down our first tree the day after Thanksgiving. So much fun!

Weston enjoyed a tasty cookie during his chariot ride to the tree lot and we found the cutest little tree. Kurt very creatively tied it to the top of our car and we prayed our way down HWY 44 that it would make it home.

This could possibly be in my top ten favorite pictures of my husband. I can't put my finger on why, but doesn't he look so ding dang handsome?

And a good family shot that would make a nice Christmas card if I were sending out any this year (please look for baby announcement instead)...

There are many, many things to be thankful for in the Bethel family. First and foremost, a little baby sent by a most merciful God for a magnificent redemption. Weston calls him "Dedad". Not sure where those "d's" came from, but it sure is cute. Pics of him and his Little People nativity to come...

Friday, December 4, 2009

Kurt loves Saturday mornings...

I very well may have bloggers remorse about this post, but I'll use it as a dose of humility instead...I'm not afraid.

My husband loves Saturday mornings. And rightfully so. He leaves the house at 7ish Monday-Friday and Sunday has to get to church early to lead worship. Saturdays are his one and only morning. So we try to make special by ALWAYS making pancakes (pumpkin pancakes October-December) and coffee and taking it easy. Sometimes we get the Sunday paper (that oddly comes out Saturday morning). I cut coupons, Kurt looks at the sports section and ads for flat screen t.v's and Weston has a grand time tearing everything else into shreds. Around 9 a.m. we start talking about what we're really going to do with the day. It's nice...until Kurt got out the camera one fateful morning in all his Saturday morning excitement...

I have my hand over my mouth as if perhaps the camera is going to capture my morning breath.
And seriously, how am I still married with this outfit? Wow. It's really attractive to be 8 months pregnant and sporting a large fluffy blue robe. A few animals come to mind...elephant and whale are the first.

On a much cuter note, here's Weston in a post maple syrup stupor zoning out to something very intriguing on the television (hence why he doesn't get to watch very often!)

No pictures to embarrass Kurt, but that's okay, I love that he wanted to take a few pictures of his favorite people on his favorite morning.

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Dear Baby Girl

There are so many pictures to share from Thanksgiving (oh wait, we forgot our camera), cutting down our Christmas tree and decorating our house, but I have to have a word with this little nugget in my belly first..


Dear Baby Girl,

You have been in utero for over 32 weeks and we just now took a picture of my belly. There is also no pregnancy journal to read about various baby girl things. You do not have a room yet (but your daddy is working VERY hard on that). Please don't be upset, it's just I've been a little busy chasing your brother around. I couldn't even get him out of the picture, you see?

Please know our love for you far exceeds the lack of documentation of your time in the womb. Be assured that you will have a baby book...I'm just not sure when it will be completed (perhaps by high school graduation?) Even though you've given me some "masking" on my cheeks and upper lip that make me look like Charlie Chaplin, I still adore you. You are a busy little bee inside there and I'm thinking you may be like your mama and struggle with resting. Please feel free to settle down at the 3 a.m. hour...I kind of like to be sleeping that time of day.

We fully trust that the Lord is knitting you together perfectly in His will and we can't wait to meet the little treasure He has created. You are so special little one! My first baby girl! We can't wait to meet you...but not too early, okay?

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Mothers Gone Mad

If there were an organization called Mothers Gone Mad, it would be over things like this:

You may be thinking, "What? This is a cabinet with a basket of toddler dishes. What's so maddening about that?" Please look closer...even you see anything that does not belong?

You are correct! That is indeed a set of CAR KEYS! Thanks son! Just where I like to keep them!

Or maybe what Weston is really saying is, "Mom, I know you're thinking of putting a delicious dinner in one of these bowls, but what you REALLY should do is get me in the car and take me to McDonalds."

Saturday, November 21, 2009

Pioneer Woman

This past week, I attended my first book signing. It was a cookbook, which doesn't make me sound as scholarly, but that's okay. If you haven't heard of The Pioneer Woman, you can read about her here.

I heard about her through my friend Erin and then I told my sister about her, so the three of us journeyed downtown to meet her at Christ Church Cathedral.

As it turns out, almost 400 other people also made this trek. It was a full house, but worth the trip. She was just as funny as she is on her blog and I got to ask her personally about her favorite type of cowboy boots (I've been itching for a pair).

Four hours later, we got our cookbooks signed...

I must say the Sour Cream Pancakes were scrumptious this morning and I'm making her enchiladas tonight!

P.S. In case you're wondering if I've sharpened my camera skills this week, I have not. In my typical fashion, I left without my camera that night. I had to leave it to my professional photographer Erin to capture the evening (which is probably for the better).

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

At Last

After several months of working with Weston 1) to not scream when something wasn't working/going his way and 2) to say "please", "thank you", "excuse me", etc., we had the following conversation today:

Weston: Hep, hep, hep (translated help, help, help)

Me: Do you need help opening the cow box?

Weston: Hep, pea (translated help, please)

(I open cow box)

Weston: Dee Doo Mama (translated thank you, mama)

I know much screaming and many tantrums are still in our future, but times like this remind me that we have a sweet little boy who is learning if we patiently teach him.

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Fall Favorites

This Fall has flown by and hasn't had the usual "festiveness" that usually comes with my FAVORITE time of year. We had a lot of rain, my sweet, sweet, husband has been slaving away at our garage which has left less fun, family weekend time and, in general, I just haven't felt the surge of Autumn spirit I usually get during this season. I started to throw myself a pity party about this and then decided that it would be much better to sit down with a hot cup of cocoa made with Weston's whole milk and think about all the really GREAT things that have already happened this Fall and redeem the last couple of weeks we have left with a new attitude.

These pictures are from Girls' Weekend in early October. Erin and Amy are some of my dearest friends and we like to get together overnight a few times a year.

The weekend included dinner at Crepes in the City, going to see my cute husband play guitar and sing with his friend B.J at a coffeeshop, hitting Soulard Farmer's Market for apples and pumpkins, antique shopping, then making caramel apples, apple pie, pumpkin bars and eating chili snuggled on a couch. Also included was intermittent magazine reading, lots of laughing, and good talks.

Rock star Kurt...

Weston has fully enjoyed describing the season's notable items with his new vocabulary. My favorites are "mucka" for pumpkin and "weeb" for leaf. It strikes a heart string every time he says them and I mourn Autumn being over because these words will be history. This time next year he'll know the dictionary with correct pronunciation.

This was the first Halloween that Weston (a.k.a. Tigger) was really old enough to trick-or-treat. We went with his B.F.F., Marlie (a.k.a. hip train engineer), and hit a block or so of houses. Is it wrong that we just ate the candy and didn't give him any? He didn't really know any different. Weston, if you're reading this decades from now, I'm sorry. From here on out, you will have all rights to your candy bag.

He mainly loved running down the sidewalks and greeting all of the other kiddos with his friendly "HI!". The steps up to the porches were a challenge...those short little legs just aren't quite there yet. It gave us a taste of many more fun Halloweens to come.

So, Fall 2010, you haven't been a total bust. Fun has been had in the past 2 months, as well as two spice candles and a couple of pumpkin lattes. And I have everything set out for Weston and I to rake leaves when he wakes up...

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Record Breaking Rain October

This October saw a massive amount of rain. I'm sure it blew all the Farmer's Almanac predictions out of the water. More importantly, it has kept Weston and I inside for a LONG time. So what have we been up to?


Watching a little "Melmo"...

Learning about all the cool things Target carries...

Going to storytime at the library...

Playing with contact paper...

Looking at magazines...

As well as reading LOTS of books, making "nakes" with play dough, getting better at puzzles and shapes, having friends over, having long snuggles after naptime, ripping up mail and many other random acts of nonsense.

Luckily, before this mama started to lose her mind, the first weekend in November brought BEAUTIFUL weather and we have pretty much spent most waking hours outside. Whew! Just in time before I booked a flight back to desert Arizona.

So cheers to good weather and rolling in pink sidewalk chalk...

Monday, October 19, 2009

Date Night

I love date night. I love the company of Kurt. I think dates when you're married are so much better than when you're actually dating. I love to people watch while we're on a date and decide who's on a "first date". You know, you see the uncomfortable shifting in the chair, frantic looks to keep up conversation, over-smiling. And then I'm so thankful to have someone great, who thinks I'm great, and we just sit and relax.

This date landed us at one of our top favorite restaurants, Pho Grand and then warm drinks at the coffeshop/gelateria next door where we looked at magazines together and made lists on Kurt's crackberry. Then we drove around the neighborhood and looked at houses and talked about where Weston might go to school. Perfect. I love this guy.

Saturday, October 3, 2009

Top Ten Things I Learned on Vacation

I just can't help it. I have to make a list. And what better way to end our vacation posts than a list.

In no particular order...

10. The only thing that makes traveling by plane with a child under 2 do-able is the fact that it is free.

9. The rocks in Sedona are red because of iron.

8. St. Louis still has my favorite restaurants.

7. Getting lost with a toddler in the backseat is not a marriage-builder.

6. A Chevy Impala is a pretty decent car.

5. God's creation is AMAZING.

4. In & Out burger is only good if eaten there (according to our friendly skycap)

3. Fried cactus tastes like an earthy french fry.

2. 10 days is the perfect amount of time for vacation

1. I would really like to have a king size bed.

Grand Canyon

This is the only picture of the Grand Canyon I'll post. Why? Because pictures don't do the Grand Canyon justice. There is just no way to capture the magnitude of it. It was nothing like I thought it would be.

I knew Weston was too little to understand the enormity of what we were seeing, but I felt the need to still have him experience it. As I'm holding him, I'm pointing to the Grand Canyon explaining, "Weston, this is the Grand Canyon..." La, la, la, I went on for a few more seconds. His resonse? "Wa-wa" (flower)...and the flowered shirt on the lady in front of us. Love it. Maybe next time kiddo.

Peace out Sedona...and frenulum

The morning we left Sedona Weston tripped on the carpet and landed on his mouth on the fireplace hearth. Lots of blood, lots of tears and very scary. But he is such a trooper...this fall was after he hit his eye on the corner of a wall and fell and scraped his knees. It was enough injuries for a month, let alone one morning.

I took this picture of him sleeping on the way up to the Grand Canyon. It breaks my heart. He had a little residual blood coming out of his mouth, a puffy eye and crazy hair. When we arrived at the Grand Canyon gate, I felt the need to fully explain the circumstances of the morning to the lady collecting money lest she think we beat our child.

As it turns out, he no longer has a frenulum now. It's that piece of skin that connects the upper lip to the gums. You would think that this loss would have landed us in some urgent care getting stitches, but the pediatrician said popsicles instead. Much nicer. Apparantly, frenulums are useless...who knew? Not me, but this mom is glad.

Sedona Part 4

Wow. This vacation is getting lengthy. Just a few more posts, I promise. Perhaps I'm a little over zealous in my detail. Next time, I'll definitely go for one post with top 5 favorite vacation pics. Maybe.

I especially love this picture. Not because its very sweet and cuddly, but because my husband took this picture himself. He loves it when Weston falls asleep on his shoulder.

This chapel was built into the rock. I should know more about it, but I don't. I was a little winded when we finally got to the top, so I was distracted.

This is my favorite picture of Weston from the trip. He's sporting his new t-shirt we bought him on our date and he looks like such a big boy.

Riding on the vacuum with Papa...

Playground date with dad while mom had a little time to herself...

Sedona Part 3

We spent a morning in a little town set in the mountains 30 minutes from Sedona. It has a lot of history and is a little "granola" which I like. We ate lunch at the Jerome Grand Hotel which used to be an asylum. Of course, we ate outside and the weather was heavenly.

I went into this store below approximately 5 times and managed to beat the temptation to purchase a crocheted hat and a very cute skirt. Too many fabulous things in this store for me to handle. We tried to get a picture of Weston in this fun little kid chair, but he was much more interested in getting the much cooler truck.

My parents graciously babysat Weston that evening and Kurt and I had a night on the town to ourselves which was so nice. Unfortunately, we forgot to bring the camera. Dang it. It's all about Westie, isn't it? So I'll have to give you the picture: shopped around cute little Sedona downtown strip, holding hands and talking at a normal volume level with no interruptions. Dinner at a Mexican restaurant. Drove around in the car looking at some places we hadn't been to yet, again, talking at a normal volume level with no interruptions. I utilize the seat warmers in the rental car and note that its a little unusual, and slightly worrying, to have your pants feel so warm. And finished up with hot chocolate and a frozen mocha outside a little ice cream shop (we were too stuffed for a treat).

Friday, October 2, 2009

Sedona Part 2

One of our favorite mornings was at a park called Crescent Moon. The water was unusually high due to some flash flooding that had occurred the day before we got there, so we could not take advantage of playing in the popular water spots. However, Weston thoroughly enjoyed wandering around, swinging his arms and talking about (literally) only the Lord knows what. This video Kurt captured pretty much summarizes Weston in the outdoors. It makes me smile every time I watch it.

And here's some last pictures from our morning...then it was back to the condo for nap time. Kurt and I took turns getting to lay out at the pool, workout, etc. while Weston slept. It was so nice to not even have the option to do housework. Man, I could get used to someone else cleaning up my mess. Anyone know a good housekeeper? Or maybe the term "housekeeper" isn't PC's probably called something like a residential sanitation engineer now. Regardless, I wish I could have one every once in a while.

Monday, September 28, 2009

Sedona Part I

There was much anticipation for our 10 day vacation this year to Sedona. We only go on a "big" vacation every few years, so we tend to get pretty excited when we leave the state of Missouri. Thanks to credit card air travel points and a generous gift of timeshare from my parents we set out on our great western adventure.

We were so uptight and nervous about Weston's first airplane ride (it was 3 1/2 hours!) that we took NO pictures of him on the plane. Isn't that terrible? We were too busy stuffing fruit snacks in his mouth and playing with stickers that we did not get the camera out once.

But this is what we saw once we arrived in Sedona...

It is BEAUTIFUL there! It reminds me of Colorado (sort of), but RED. And warm! We had a very tired (and understandably cranky) toddler on our hands when we arrived, so the first thing we did was go get ice cream and let those little baby legs run around.

It took us a few days to acclimate to the time change and we often woke up at 5 a.m. before Weston started chirping...we had a nice little balcony that was perfect for early morning reading.

And lastly for Part 1 of our vacation posts, we went to a cute little festival at Talapaque (a shopping area) for our first full day. We enjoyed the music and architectural structure of this little area and Weston enjoyed pushing his stroller and getting a balloon elephant.

Bear with me on the whole "lay out" of posting...I'm obviously not a veteran blogger yet. And I haven't told anyone I have a blog yet, so I can't ask for help. If you're reading this already, it is purely by happenstance that you made it here. Stay tuned for more vacation pics...