Thursday, January 19, 2012

A Year of Intention

My "New Years' post" last year was all about having some relaxed goals for 2011. Here they are with the end of year summary of how it went in red.
  • Wear an apron at least once a day. (I have added some great aprons to my collection and next I would like a half apron with pockets that I can wear around the house. Not wearing an apron EVERY day though)
  • Eat 9 fruits and vegetables...make that 5 because week one of that has not gone so well. (I get close to 5...depends on if there are homemade treats in the house...)
  • Consume even more butter than last year. (Lots of butter consumption 'round here. Success)
  • Listen to more music throughout the day. (This is getting better. It's especially good for the morning to soothe children whilst I do some morning chores. And winter absolutely calls for dance parties that result in children just running in circles)
  • Get up before the babies again. I'm having a little bit of a hard time beating Lily who currently likes to start her day at 4:15 a.m. (I've gone in and out of adhering to this, but I would say I consistently get up at least 10 minutes before them...enough to gulp down a cup of coffee and a treat. I try to squeeze some reading and a shower in if I haven't hit snooze 5 times. Lily STILL gets up early. Way. Too. Early.)
  • Work up to running 20 miles a week. This will only be accomplished with my tried and true running partner(and sweet friend) Katie who's been spurring me on since 2004. Love you girl. Let's do it. (Two words: Yeah. Right. Although Katie and I have been meeting at the YMCA Monday mornings at the crack of dawn, the conversation usually goes like something like this,"Have you done any exercising since last Monday? No, you? Nope." But I think we're both okay with it)
  • Taste and see that the Lord is good. (It's amazing in just 365 days the seasons your soul travels through, but in the end, God is still and forever good)
  • Grow my hair out and donate it. (Whoops, cut my hair the shortest it's ever been instead)

So as you can see, even with some very "relaxed" resolutions, I still came out at best 3 for 8.

This year, no more resolutions, just a mindset. I love how this great lady has a theme for each year. I think it's wise. And, for me, this year I want to be intentional. This touches all the spheres of my life, big and small. Intentional with time management, intentional with my kids, intentional with my marriage, intentional with cooking good meals, intentional with growing in my faith, intentional resting, intentional with my get the point. Colossians 3:17 says, "Whatever you do, whether in word or deed, do everything in the name of the Lord Jesus." It's a consciousness of what you're doing and what you're saying. It is not hasty. Being intentional requires thought and preparation. But it does NOT require perfection and everything going the way you planned. There's a tension there...and I like it.

And in case you thought I haven't been doing my list of gratitude because I had forgotten or been grumpy (in which you would be correct) here is the latest:

#83 Being challenged

#84 Lily, all sassy in a new haircut, wearing a sweater and jeans like a big girl and saying "otay" and "no tank you"

#85 A husband who is not hasty like me

#86 Food on the table and warm, cozy bed at the end of the day

Happy New Year all!

Friday, January 13, 2012


It was so weird to me when Weston started having bad dreams. All I could think was, "What terrible thing have you seen that could even trigger your brain to bring up bad dreams?"

This morning I had to laugh (pretty hard) because he came in our bedroom and said he'd had a bad dream. "What was it about?" I asked as usual. You know it's scary when it starts like this...

"There was a skunk in my pants..."

"A what?!"

"A skunk in my pants."

"How did a skunk get in your pants?"

"I was playing in the sandbox....and there was a mole eating a carrot too..."

Sounds terrifying! Poor kid :)