Friday, May 28, 2010

The Gardener

If you're looking for an attractive gardener who likes to work in minimal clothing, look no further...

He's big on watering. Mainly the same place over and over again until it floods, but he's really cheap. And the cuteness far outweighs his shoddy work.

Since I have a hard time keeping anything of the plant variety alive, I'm putting all my hope in this little guy. I think my begonias will thank me.

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Wonder Woman Goes Down

In Lily's short 15 weeks of life, she has scaled quite a few obstacles. Starting with a serious blood infection and then managing to avoid the cold virus, ear infection, pink eye and nasty stomach virus that have gone through our household. I was beginning to think that she, again, was fighting the warfare of disease when Weston got croup (I think) last week. But at last Wonder Woman has gone down and here she is...

Oh that sad tiny face! She is breaking my heart. She can barely breathe and I've had to feed her breastmilk through a syringe some of the time. Her fever keeps coming back. Her little cry says, "I feel like junk and I don't know why!"

Well Wonder Woman, at least you still have your good looks.

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Marked Improvement

Weston loves to be close to Lily. More so, he loves to lay ON Lily. It's been a long road with many tears shed in confusion. We've had to be sensitive and not shout "Be careful!" "Be gentle!" "Don't lay on her!" every time he gets near her. But, Lily can only take so much smooshing, so some training on appropriate snuggling has had to occur. And with marked improvement I should say!

Exhibit A

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Afternoon Chats

Lily has a totally different baby experience than Weston. After she wakes up in the morning, up until lunch, she pretty much rolls with the daily activities of the aforementioned toddler. Of course, Weston and I play with her and coo at her and snuggle her, but it's not the same as the endless hours of undivided attention Weston had at this age.

But after lunch the tuckered out tot has a snooze and Lily and I have a little time to ourselves. It's our afternoon chat. Kind of like afternoon tea. Some day we will set the table up and have a little tea party, but for now it looks like this...

I put my knees up to form a comfy little chair for her and a good eye view for me. Then we chat. I tell her a lot of nonsense and she tells me all her baby thoughts....which are "goo, gloo, and ow" most of the time. I usually get a few giggles out of her which immediately give her the hiccups.

Oh Lily, you are very much a second child, but I think you'll be all the better for it. Perhaps a bit more flexible and independent. Nevertheless, I cherish our little snippets of mother-daughter time.

Wednesday, May 5, 2010