Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Afternoon Date

This place is about 99% filled with pictures and posts about our kids. Partly, I'm okay with that. They are little and I'm afraid we'll not remember much from this stage of life twenty years from now (probably due to exhaustion and sleep deprivation). And let's be honest, tiny kids are really dependent and require a great deal of energy, so for this season they DO take up a considerable amount of our time and thought. I wouldn't change it for the world, but we are still people outside of them and we do do things without them and have interests outside of tot world. I'm going to try to bring my camera and take pictures of these types of things more often. It just seems that when I steal away from littles land, I'm more on the enjoying/relaxing end than the taking pictures/documenting end :)

So we'll start with this past Saturday when Kurt and I got away for an afternoon and dinner.  It was a BEAUTIFUL day, so I (of course) proposed a little walk at Powder Valley for starters (location of our engagement as a side note). I love that he's always willing to be outside with me even though my need for the outdoors is intensely greater than his. I was trying to relate to him the feeling of fresh air in your lungs and the smell of trees and leaves and his reply was, "I think you smell better than I do." So funny.

Then we stopped in a kids resale shop (kind of cheating), but immediately went to an adult resale shop next door. I got a cardigan and a dress and Kurt got a pair of black dress shoes and we left only minus $30. Nice.

We had beers and pizza at this place because we're the part of the small remnant of St. Louisans left who have not been there.

Pricey pizza, but let me tell you...ding dang good. My half was a butternut squash puree base with roasted brussel sprouts and carmelized onions. Delicious!

We stopped at Trader Joe's on the way home and took our time poking around and then got home in time to put the kids to bed. Nothing fancy or super romantic, but extremely nice. Love that guy. Love to "just be" with him. Thanks Mom and Dad for watching the kids!

Monday, November 12, 2012

Oh By the Way

So, in other news, Lily was potty trained about two weeks after Weston wrapped up. It took her a few days. She officially has gotten about 1/100th of the attention that her brother received, but that is one of many things that makes her so rad. In case you ever need a tool for potty training a strong-willed child, here is the best thing that ever happened to us for Lily (thanks Gretel!)...

You can set it for 30, 60 or 90 minutes and it plays a cool song. Therefore, it was always her idea to go to the bathroom and Lily LOVES for things to be HER idea :). This little wristwatch did most of the training and I just cleaned up a few or more accidents. Now THAT is my idea of potty training. Thank you Lord, for knowing I absolutely. Could. Not. Handle. Anything more than that this second time around.

Here she is enjoying her poop prize (if you hang in there long enough you'll see my mom and dad doing the motions to "Twinkle Little Star", it might be worth your wait)...

I must say it's pretty life changing to have no kids in diapers. I still carry wipes around. I just kind of feel incomplete (and dirty) without them. Hopefully I'll get over that.

And now, folks, I hereby promise it will be a lengthy time before I discuss poop or pee on this blog again. I think I've covered a lifetime's worth in the last two years.