Tuesday, April 2, 2013

5 ?!?!

Let's just pretend that five month hiatus from blogging never really happened and you know all of the details of our family since Thanksgiving, mkay? Our camera is broken, but let's be real, I just haven't made this a priority. Soooo, I'm jumping in where we are and I'll try to back blog as I can (for me and my desire to record and print this, not because you're desperately wondering what our kids got for Christmas or where we went for Valentine's Day...although you probably do want to see Lily's sweet face on her 3rd birthday).

Speaking of five, I have a five year old. What. Happened? It is so true of early childhood that "the days are long and the years are short." I'm trying to better cherish these days, even the really long ones :)

Weston had an animal birthday party last year, but that's what he wanted this year also. He's such a creature of habit and routine!

In the last two weeks I've had my wisdom teeth removed and got a stomach bug, so I haven't quite felt the wind in my sails. Luckily we decided on very low key-grandparents over for dinner kind of birthday parties this year. I added to the low key with a store bought cake (gasp!) that he saw on Schnucks website and said "Yes! That's It! That's The One!" $16.99 later, we made it happen. I still swear by a scratch cake, but that didn't keep me from having a piece for breakfast this morning. 

He was so funny when he was opening his birthday presents.  First of all, you could get this kid a brick and he'd unwrap it and be so excited, but this year he got this broadcaster voice as he was opening each present: "And it wouldn't be a great birthday withooooooouuuuut (unwrapping it)...... SHARK PAJAMAS!!!!" And then, "But that's not all, I can't live without aaaaaaaaaa.........STUFFED GORILLA!!!". I don't know where this came from, but we were belly laughing.

Each birthday I find it interesting to look back on the year and remember what my kids have been really "in to", what they've had a hard time with, what they've overcome, how they're growing. Weston continues to love animals and learn more obscure ones. He loves to draw and is getting really, really good. I am blown away at how he has started to draw depth into his pictures and draw things that go behind other things within the drawing...so thoughtful! He still loves to be read to and enjoys "reading"/telling stories to himself with his books. He loves all things crafty which is a bit hard to balance sometimes as I'm not as patient and creative. Kurt has actually been much better at doing some of the tedious, detailed crafts! He loves to ride his bike with training wheels and he got really comfortable in the water this past summer with swimming and diving for rings in the shallow water. He loves to "big brother" Lily and tell her what to do and "help" her (if you know Lily, you can imagine how well that goes over). He is doing so well at school and I'm especially proud to hear about how much effort he puts into his work, how he plays with everyone and is kind.  He's a definite firstborn/type A-ish kiddo and likes things "just right" (you don't even want to be around when that rhinoceros snout isn't drawn correctly). If you get him out of sorts, he can be pretty intense, but he's getting better at using words when he's angry. I rushed him out of Target the other day and he said to me very calmly as we were walking out, "Mom, you made me mad by shushing me out of there. I just wanted to look at that dinosaur because he's like my other one and you kept walking and didn't wait for me." Fair enough. Now, can you talk to your sister like that, please? :) 

Happy Birthday Weston! Like I tell you everyday, I love you so big it makes my heart hurt a little!