Thursday, June 23, 2011

And I Quote...

Weston at the playground being pushed in the swing:

"We need to get a kite so we can fly high, high, high up in the air to go see Jesus. When are we going to see Him? Me, you, Daddy, Lily...we need to get kites and fly up and see Jesus."

Grateful for...

#38 Fall like weather at the end of June

#39 Friendly mom at the playground

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Settling In

We are starting to settle in here. Our renters are in our house after a LOT of work to get it ready. Ninety-five percent of this work was done by Kurt with the help of some family and friends. I kid you not, that man can get his game face on and work some consecutive 16 hour days when push comes to shove. Thank you're my hero!

The hardest part of this transition has been the kids sleeping. They're sharing a room now and Weston moved into a big boy bed. I figured I should get him in one before Kindergarten. He's being quite the pickle about taking an afternoon rest (and by pickle, I really mean disaster). He's just in that phase where he's testing all his boundries to see if they're still there and, while I know this is normal, it is exhausting to argue and discipline all the time and even harder to do it unemotionally without getting angry. And finding the balance of graciousness in transition. I think we're all just tired and trying to grapple with change. As I type, Lily is currently throwing a lengthy bedtime hissy in her crib (Kurt is gone) and somehow Weston has fallen asleep in the midst of it. I would really like to join him. She'll probably also be up at least once in the middle of the night and, if we're lucky, sleep past six. I know in the grand scheme of things families across the globe are dealing with much more difficult situations, so hey, whatever (note to self: WHATEVER).

The rest has been really sweet. Lily started saying "Papa" within two days of being here and is working hard on "Noni". She's saying a whole slew of other words, blowing kisses, playing with baby dolls and is the funniest little tot girl I know. Here she is enjoying some of Noni's homemade jam...

This afternoon Weston watched part of a John Wayne movie with my dad (his early movies are NOT scary my mom assured me :). I just think this is hilarious for many reasons. At first I thought he was just hanging out, but then when I told him that Daddy was home and wanted to play hide-and-seek (his FAVORITE thing to do), he passed it up because, "I wanna watch a little bit more of this, mom."

Noni is great with taking a kid on some errands or enlisting their help with something...

On a somewhat unrelated end note, my mom made some Summer Beer to go with dinner tonight. Ever had that? It is as sangria is to wine. Go make some. It's delicious.

Grateful for...

#33 How Lily twirls the back of my hair when she's sleepy

#34 Summer beer outside after a rainy afternoon

#35 An unsolicited apology from my little man

#36 The immediacy and completeness of a child's forgiveness (which I've seemingly needed to ask for frequently these days)

#37 Free Cardinal tickets for the hard-working hubby tonight

Monday, June 20, 2011

And I quote...

Weston, looking at my unshaven legs:

"Mom, you've got sprinkles on your legs."


#31 bumped, bruised and dirty legs of summertime

#32 grocery shopping and frozen colas with this lady

Friday, June 3, 2011


Our little family has started a little adventure of sorts. We have rented our house in the city to a cute little family and are going to live with my parents in West County for a while. The reasons are numerous and the decision had many "faces" to it. I don't think we really even fully understand all of the reasons yet. We're just following what we both felt God calling us to do for our family. We have some big decisions to pray about for the future and we hope this is going to give us some freedom and time to make them.

We have been overwhelmed by the support and help of our friends and family throughout the whole process of deciding, finding a renter, many people have encouraged , prayed for us and helped us. We feel so blessed.

I wish I had a ton of pictures of moving day and everyone that helped, but I couldn't even find my camera for a few days and things have been pretty hectic. Kurt is working like mad at our house in preparation for the renters and I'm trying (not super successfully) to balance old house, unpacking here and creating some sort of normalcy for the kids' transition. My parents have been awesome and patient and so helpful with all of the upheaval of combining two households and we know things won't be this crazy for too long, right?!

I did manage to catch this cute girl playing in the backyard yesterday...

One day at a time, one foot in front of the other...

This heart needs a heap load more of gratitude this week...

#28 Grace
#29 The refreshment of running with great friends who remind me of #28
#30 Cicadas