Monday, September 28, 2009

Sedona Part I

There was much anticipation for our 10 day vacation this year to Sedona. We only go on a "big" vacation every few years, so we tend to get pretty excited when we leave the state of Missouri. Thanks to credit card air travel points and a generous gift of timeshare from my parents we set out on our great western adventure.

We were so uptight and nervous about Weston's first airplane ride (it was 3 1/2 hours!) that we took NO pictures of him on the plane. Isn't that terrible? We were too busy stuffing fruit snacks in his mouth and playing with stickers that we did not get the camera out once.

But this is what we saw once we arrived in Sedona...

It is BEAUTIFUL there! It reminds me of Colorado (sort of), but RED. And warm! We had a very tired (and understandably cranky) toddler on our hands when we arrived, so the first thing we did was go get ice cream and let those little baby legs run around.

It took us a few days to acclimate to the time change and we often woke up at 5 a.m. before Weston started chirping...we had a nice little balcony that was perfect for early morning reading.

And lastly for Part 1 of our vacation posts, we went to a cute little festival at Talapaque (a shopping area) for our first full day. We enjoyed the music and architectural structure of this little area and Weston enjoyed pushing his stroller and getting a balloon elephant.

Bear with me on the whole "lay out" of posting...I'm obviously not a veteran blogger yet. And I haven't told anyone I have a blog yet, so I can't ask for help. If you're reading this already, it is purely by happenstance that you made it here. Stay tuned for more vacation pics...

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Thinking Outside the List

I make lists. It's just how I function. For better or worse, I write things down, cross them off, erase them, re-do them...I just like to list. However, this task-oriented way of life sometimes prevents me from slowing down and enjoying the moment, much less CAPTURING the moment.

I recently visited a friend of mine and was ashamed of myself when I saw her extensive scrapbook collection. A scrapbook for every child, for every year PLUS additional family scrapbooks. I do not even have a wedding album yet (4 years later). I have a second child on the way and I haven't even finished my first born's baby book. Needless to say, I feel like a sentimental failure.

So here's to turning over a new leaf. I am going to think outside "the list" because there are way too many funny, sad, crazy, great things happening in this household not to remember them. And taking more pictures sure beats cleaning my toilet. I NEVER thought I'd have a blog ("who cares about me?"), but I think this might be just the right developing pictures, cropping, die cuts, stickers, etc., just a computer and a camera and more accountability. And, from what I hear, you can publish a blog into a book later. It can't be that hard, right?

So, I have to admit...this first post has been sitting in the "saved draft" section for a week. I'm a little leery of you blogworld, but here we go... "Publish Post"