Sunday, October 14, 2012

How I Barely Miss a Major Mom Fail

Back in August, as you may have read previously, Weston finally pooped in the potty after 2 years of cajoling. It was a pretty big deal around here and one of the promised prizes was going to the Lion King musical which only makes its way to St. Louis every few years. Weston had seen a billboard for it and really wanted to go. Hence the bribe :). So we talked and talked about how we were going, looked at pictures online of the musical, etc., etc. 

I kept meaning to buy the tickets. And every time I thought of it, I was in the middle of something and I'd say to myself, "Self, as soon as you're done ______, go buy the Lion King tickets online." And then, by the time I was finished doing ______, I'd already forgotten (I need to start doing crossword puzzles, yes?).  This went on several weeks. 

It was my understanding that the musical went until the end of September, so the first weekend in September, on a Saturday, I finally got online to buy the tickets. And the last show was the NEXT day. And I had to work that day. And Kurt was supposed to be taking the kids to Montgomery City. And the show was sold out. I could feel my chest tighten and panic rising from my toes. I mean, we had really talked about this, really promised this. I don't do a lot of things well as a mother, but one thing I try really hard to do is keep my word with my kids and not offer empty promises. 

The musical was going to be in Wichita, Kansas next and I thought briefly about driving my son across the state to see it. Then I came to my senses and called the Fox Theater. They had tickets available that were "limited view" which they didn't sell online. They also said they MIGHT have tickets in the "Fox Club", but they couldn't tell conclusively, therefore, I'd have to drive to the Fox to find out (45 minutes away). I get off the phone, talk to Kurt. He's a bit annoyed, but I'm frantic, in tears and not giving up. And let's not forget the hurdle of working the next day that I still must jump. I get on the phone and start calling down the employee list to find someone to switch my shift. After 20 minutes, I find someone...not easy for Labor Day weekend. I call back the Fox. This time I talk to someone different who does confirm they have 2 tickets released in the Fox Club. I cannot hold them and will just have to drive to the Fox to purchase them and likely, and hopefully, they will still be there when I get there. I throw on clothes and start driving. I get there, explain more of the story than the clerk needs or wants to hear and begin the process of purchasing the tickets. As she is swiping my credit card, a couple approaches the clerk next to mine and asks for tickets to the Fox Club. Good thing I didn't take time to put make-up on before I left!

So here we are the next day, getting ready for our big date...

Waiting in line to get in...both of our patience starting to wear thin ("Don't grab that poll and swing around it, you have black all over your white shirt!"..."Mom, this is taking FOREVER!"

Found our seats!

First ever root beer float during the second act. He asked if he could save some and bring it home to share with Daddy. Too sweet.

We both loved it. Even if you don't know or love the Lion King, you must go see it for the music and costumes alone. We sat next to two really sweet ladies and at intermission one of them commented, "I've never seen a child so focused, I don't think he moved the whole time!"

So that's the story of how I kept a promise by the hair of my chinny-chin-chin. And thank you to my husband for not throwing me out a window in the process. I won't be able to pull it off every time, and there are and will be times when my kids are disappointed. But I'm so thankful I got to keep this one.

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  1. phew! I'm anxious just reading this! I know that feeling all too well, that fear of letting them down/not being able to follow through (reward or discipline.) Way to go, awesome momma, for keeping your promise and giving Weston an experience he'll never forget.